Winter exhibition 2015

Her de Vries

From the late fifties, Her de Vries has made boxes which are undoubtly related to the surrealistic movement. Enthousiastic for the avant-garde after the war, he discovered that surrealism was the only art movement which survived the devastating war and was nevertheless alive and kicking. For De Vries, surrealism was the only way to go, with its artistical depth. The boxes and objets by De Vries, with its reciprocal links and without being a epigon of itself, or to became an ‘artistic tric’, posess a pronounced individuality. For this we invented the term ‘style’. It is interesting to compare the artwork of the Dutch poet and writer Cees Buddinh’ with that by Her de Vries. In the early seventies, Buddingh’ made boxes, which were exibited last year in a retropective in the ‘Dordts Museum’. To criticize the impact of art work, it is important to know when it is made. With this we can conclude that De Vries was active in an earlier stage. Besides this, the boxes by Her de Vries are, separately, in colour and considered composition, little pieces of harmony and moreover made beautifully. It is now, after many years of an hidden existance, that almost the complete oeuvre made by De Vries is exhibited for the first time.

Vincent Krans

Vincent Krans is working from the early eighties as an artist Working in a state of abanding the ratio, although in a steering process, pieces come to daylight ‘automatically’. As a result of this, the work has nothing to do with a considered world in the common way, where daily scene, pictures of a mythological or religious identity can be find. Any comparement with magic-realism or any other realism has no viability. The mostly wealthy forms in Krans’ work has its origin in the thought that in the richness of nature, created forms as squares, triangles and circles, don’t exist. In another way it is said that he “never met a rectangular woman”. As a natural concequence, often the work can be seen with an erotical layer, directly visible or in a symbolic appearence. There is work realized in oilpainting, gouache, bronze, objets and chiseled framework as sculpture.